Dubai Harbour welcomes AIDA and Costa Ships as cruise season begins

Dubai Harbour, an extraordinary seafront district, has welcomed over 2,450 passengers and 1,900 crew members aboard two Carnival Corporation cruise ships on 16th and 17th December – the AIDAbella and Costa Firenze. Arriving at the beautiful Dubai Harbour skyline, the two cruise ships berthed at Dubai Harbour’s twin cruise terminals followed by guests disembarking to visit Dubai and its iconic landmark destinations – including the Burj Al Arab, Ain Dubai, Bluewaters Island and Palm Jumeirah.

Dubai Harbour welcomes AIDA and Costa Ships as cruise season begins

The new 323-metre-long Costa Firenze - arriving on its maiden voyage to Dubai – has been described as a floating city boasting 969 balcony cabins, 13 restaurants, seven lounges, a full-scale waterpark and a Broadway-style theatre. Costa Firenze is inspired by the Italian Florentine Renaissance, with an interior intended to evoke classic Italian streets and town squares. The 252-metre-long cruise ship AIDAbella - which has returned to Dubai following its maiden call with cruise passengers in November - features Japanese-style spas, state rooms, a Theatrium, golf courses and running tracks.

As the owning-company and curator of Dubai Harbour, the diversified investment firm Shamal Holding is the driving force behind making Dubai Harbour an exceptional seafront district. Abdulla Binhabtoor, Chief Portfolio Management Officer, Shamal Holding, commented, "Today we welcomed two extraordinary cruise ships to Dubai Harbour at the largest standalone dedicated twin cruise terminal centre in the eastern hemisphere. It is exciting to see so many thousands of people enter the city through this extraordinary seafront district, the newest entry point to Dubai, which is already considered to be the premier gateway to the region for cruise ships from around the world."

Binhabtoor explained that "The Dubai Harbour development represents a historic milestone in Dubai’s role as this region’s foremost destination for lifestyle, leisure and luxury – a moment in history that brings forward the realisation of Dubai’s ambition to become the most visited city in the world. However, it is not only an extraordinary destination for cruise passengers from every corner of the world but also a natural gateway to the attractions that Dubai has to offer and by way of the city’s strategic location, other international destinations as well."

The cruise terminals, which are part of Dubai Harbour development, offer a wide array of amenities and services for passengers and crew – from ample seating areas to washrooms, currency exchange outlets, ATMs, cafes, retail outlets, Duty-Free, dedicated parking, taxi stands and much more. All facilities are wheelchair accessible and complimentary WIFI is enabled for passengers and crew to stay connected.

The infrastructure at the Dubai Harbour Cruise Terminal comprises two terminal buildings that offer guests and crew a safe, comfortable and seamless experience. Designed to process over 3,250 passengers per hour, the highly efficient and modern terminals are located on a pier stretch of over 910 metres and can accommodate a complete passenger turnaround of two cruise ships simultaneously.

The purpose-built terminals ensure simplified and streamlined immigration and customs screening processes, and the dedicated access routes for passengers and crew, facilitated by Seaport Passenger Boarding Bridges, allow uninterrupted flow between the ship and the terminal.