Qatar tourism releases photos of the camel calving season

To mark the end of this year's camel calving season, which runs from October to February, Qatar National Tourism Council (QNTC) has released photos of some of the country's cutest new arrivals. Camels have graced the Qatari deserts for centuries, having been introduced to the country by the nomadic Bedouin tribes, and are an important part of Qatar's culture and heritage. Initially the only mode of land transport, these sturdy animals are perfectly adapted to exploring the desert due to their famed skill of retaining water. Camels can survive for a week or more without water and last for several months without food.

Qatar tourism releases photos of the ship of the desert

The animals can be spotted in large herds in the desert around Khor Al Adaid, also known as The Inland Sea, which is a unique tourist attraction in Qatar. An extraordinary landscape located south-east of the country's capital, Doha, the Qatari desert features both sand dunes and seabeds and is recognized by UNESCO as Qatar's largest natural reserve.

For active holiday makers wanting to visit Qatar's camels, there are many opportunities to sit astride the impressive animals with Q-Explorer Tourism or 365 Adventures. Culture enthusiasts can get a taste of the nomadic life of the Bedouin tribes through a camel tour of Mesaieed, while those looking for a more luxurious experience can spend the night glamping under the stars following a desert camel ride.